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Client Testimonials

“My wife and I would like to say Thanks for a job well done on the removal yesterday from **** to our storage unit. Tom and Samia were very helpful and considerate.”

M. Turner


“Thanks for that. Guys have just left and done a fantastic job with the loading of the container.”



“I was very happy with the service and felt Mark and his team were well priced and gave me a trouble free move!”

F. Jackson


“Good, careful, fast and efficient!”

A. O’Mara

Local and Interstate Removalist & Storage Specialist

Express Removals makes moving a completely stress free experience. Our specialist removalists in Perth, Brisbane & Melbourne can handle all aspects of your move including packing, furniture storage, removals, transport and insurance.


Experienced & Efficient Removalists

We know you value your household contents. Many of them hold sentimental value and are irreplaceable. Moving them requires special handling, something that not just any moving company can handle. We understand that moving can be unpleasant.


But we make it our priority to deliver exceptional service and always with great efficiency.


Express Removals are the very best in furniture removal and storage service. We make sure that all your items, including what you value most, arrive to their new destination in the same condition they left in.


Local Storage

Moving to a new home or building can be a stressful experience. But it also provides the opportunity to store away some of the items that are cluttering your home or office.


These items can include furniture, clothes, books and other accessories. And if relocating an office, items could include records or storage filing cabinets.


Free up some space in your home or office by utilising our local storage facilities. We make sure to carefully pack all your belongings so they arrive to our facilities without sustaining any damage.


Furniture Removal Services

Your convenience and satisfaction are our main priorities. Our highly trained team will help you move your furniture as quickly as possible, even if you have a tight shipping schedule.


We also have a range of vehicles and equipment to transport different sizes of items to local destinations and even abroad if you are moving to another country.


Packing all your belongings is a time consuming process. And most people fail to recognize just how much stuff they have. If you lack the time to pack or simply do not have the resources to do so, Express Removals will be there to help you prepare everything for the move.


We send professional packers who organise and package all your belongings from personal items to fragile possessions. And we do so in a professional and efficient manner.


We even provide a supply of boxes for extra storage.


Furniture Storage Services

There will be times when you are moving but a forwarding address is not available. And for that we have the perfect solution.


Express Removals has facilities which include home pack, containerized and conventional storage. Our facilities are fully secure and you can hire them for short or long-term periods depending your needs. Our storage facilities are monitored with surveillance systems and security personnel.


Let us take care of your local and interstate storage so you can focus on other matters.


Moving Tips

Express Removals can send you a professional packer to organise your items. But if you want to handle the organising and packing yourself, there are some key factors you should focus on.


  • Planning
  • Accessories
  • Furniture and Appliances
  • Declutter



Moving is a stressful enough experience and even more so if left to the last minute. Start at least a couple of weeks before the move. You may not realize how just how much there is until you attempt to move everything. So there are many items in the house which need to be properly packaged prior to the move.


Make sure that all boxes are labeled with what is inside and where they will be going. Taking the time to plan everything will help save a lot of frustration in the end.


There is a general rule that should be applied when packing a moving truck. Bulky items should be placed in the back while fragile and lighter items should be placed towards the front.



Invest in quality boxes, tape and pens. Cheap boxes will save money but at the expense of possibly damaging your valuables if the bottom falls outs. Quality boxes and tape will protect your belongings during the duration of the move.


Furniture and Appliances

Fridges and freezers should be properly cleaned before the move. It is important to make sure they are thoroughly clean. It is not a good idea to keep items in the fridge or freezer while moving.


Make sure you protect your furniture by wrapping the corners in bubble wrap or using thick moving cloth. If need be, furniture should be disassembled if they are too large to transport. This could include taking the legs off tables or putting the furniture back into their original boxes.



Moving is a great time to reassess your belongings. If something has sat in your garage for years gathering dust, chances are that it will do exactly the same thing at your new home. It may be time to get rid of it to make room for other furniture. Or consider putting these items into storage.


Why Choose Express Removals

If the idea of packing and moving yourself sounds like far too much work, then let Express Removals handle the move for you. We make moving easier and hassle free. Trust our company to help you ship your furniture and other items anywhere without delay.


Express Removals has the ability to make sure that all of your items that you have in storage are safe and secure.


We pride ourselves on our service and ability to get the job done quickly and affordably.


Express Removals offers fixed and hourly rates. We give quick and detailed quotes, so you have a clear idea of the overall rates for our services.


If you have a move coming up or you need something stored please do not hesitate to contact us.


Moving and storage is what we do.


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Moving Tips

Who can’t use some moving tips when they’re packing up their whole life for a new home? We have all the best tips straight from our experienced interstate removalists, and local removalists in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne.