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Furniture Storage in Perth

Moving is a time most associate with stress and anxiety. The whole process is time consuming and even overwhelming. Everything has to be carefully planned from packaging all belongings to having them transported to the end destination.


One very important consideration is storage which is why it is so important to choose a company like Express Removals that specialises in removals and storage in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.


Furniture storage is invaluable throughout the moving process. It allows you to safely store your belongings in a secure facility until they are needed again. The only challenge is finding storage space that is able to accommodate your needs.


At Express Removals we are a specialised interstate removalist so we understand that your furniture may need to be stored for a period of time while you resettle in your new state. For this reason, our furniture storage solutions include containerised and conventional storage facilities for short or long-term usage. We even help to pack and transport your furniture to our storage units.

Indoor Storage with removalists Perth - Modules

Indoor Storage – Modules


Indoor Storage - Lounge racks - removalists Melbourne

Indoor Storage – Lounge racks


Containerised Storage - Removalists Brisbane

Containerised Storage

Secure Local Storage Facilities

Storing your belongings using our furniture storage units is a great way to keep them protected while you transition to a new home. We understand that your belongings carry sentimental value and the last thing you want is for anything to be damaged.


Which is why our facilities come equipped with electronic surveillance and security personnel to safeguard your property. We place significant priority on keeping our units heavily protected to prevent any unit from being tampered with.


Furniture Storage Tips

Express Removals are expert removalists in Perth so we are very careful about preparing your furniture to ensure nothing gets damaged during transit to our facilities. If you plan to do the packing yourself, here are a few storage tips:


Have a plan: Creating a plan helps to push the whole moving process in the right direction. Start by creating a detailed list of what will be moved and what will be stored. Then plan accordingly to how the furniture will be transported and unloaded to the storage facility.


Determine storage needs: The amount of storage space you need will vary depending on how much furniture you have. Measure each piece to determine storage needs and remember to take any protective padding into account. Furniture that is too large for removal may need to be disassembled.


Protect the furniture: Furniture that is not well protected will be damaged during loading and unloading. Carefully cover all furniture using protective padding and bubble wrapping to prevent any damage. Disassembled pieces should also be treated with equal care.


Don’t forget that we do offer a complete range of packing materials; paper, plastics and new and second hand moving boxes in Perth which can be purchased from our showroom.


Organise by priority: The order in which you store your belongings matters. All items that you plan to use in the immediate future should be moved last for better accessibility. Otherwise removing specific furniture becomes a challenge if it is located in the rear of the storage unit.


Hire removal specialists: Damaging your furniture or even injuring yourself is possible if you are inexperienced with moving. At Express Removals our team of removal specialists can arrange to prepare and transport your furniture to our storage facilities.


Our services can be custom tailored to your needs whether you require storage for a single bedroom or an entire house.


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At Express Removals, we aim to provide exceptional services in Perth and throughout the country. Our team of professionals have years of combined experienced with removals and interstate storage. We now have self-lock storage units in Kenwick and Bibra Lake.


Contact us today for more details about our furniture storage services.