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Furniture Removal Services

Posted on February 21st, 2014

Ever feel like you need to pack up your furniture, remove unwanted furniture and find a storage facility that will not only keep your possessions safe but secure but you just cannot find the necessary strength or motivation to do any of those things? Ever wonder if there was a company that will help turn this nightmarish experience of furniture removal and storage into a very nice and relaxed process that will not require you to do anything other than show which furniture need moving and storing? Congratulations as this is your lucky day as we here at Express Removals specialise in furniture removals and storage in Perth and interstate!


Express Removals is a highly experienced and knowledgeable furniture removals and storage services company located in Perth, Western Australia. We have successfully completed many different projects for both commercial and residential establishments. Not only do we move residential customers, we also have a team of expert office removalists in Perth. No matter how big or small the project may be or how difficult it could possibly be, nothing of this sort is daunting enough for us to not complete all of our work in a great and professional manner, leaving our clients with a great big smile on their faces. We will try our very best and will do whatever necessary to satisfy all of our clients’ furniture removals and storage related needs and wants.


At Express Removals we make it our number one priority to deliver exceptional service and always with great effectiveness and efficiency. We understand that your household items are of great value to you and many of them even hold sentimental values that are irreplaceable and you would want all of your items to be packed, moved and stored with great care. We know that not every company can move furniture with such great care and many do not even have the first idea as to what they should do. However, we are not that company as with our skills, abilities and knowledge that cannot be compared, we will make sure that all of your items, including what you value most, whether they be kitchen utensils or even large sofas, arrive to their new destination in great care and in the same condition they left in. We will take care of these items as if they were our own and will take great care and handling when moving these furniture from and to their new destination.


For us, there is nothing as important as your convenience and satisfaction and our highly trained movers who are more than capable at what they do with great knowledge and skills will make sure that all of your furniture is moved as effectively and as efficiently as humanly possible, all throughout taking great care and handling of your furniture, something very few or no company other than ours do. We have a nice array of vehicles and equipment to transport different sizes of items to local destinations and can even help you move these items abroad if you are moving to another country. Our work is very prompt and we can almost certainly guarantee you that all of your possessions will be delivered to your destination without any delays.


Our professional packers will be there to help you speed up the whole stressful process of packing up your furniture. With all of them having great knowledge about how to safely and securely pack furniture, our packers will organize and pack all of your belongings in no time and will even provide a supply of boxes for extra storage should the need ever arrive.


To draw to an eventful close, Express Removals are great at what they do and as a result, are the premier leaders of furniture removals and storage. Located in Perth, we have serviced many clients with great professional advancement towards all of our work and have successfully completed each and every single one of our projects with fully satisfied customers, and safe and securely packed furniture, ready for moving.