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Moving Tips And Packaging Guidance

Posted on February 28th, 2014

Express Removals are highly reputable furniture removalists in Perth, Western Australia. Our services have developed over the years as our knowledge has increased with our years of experience. Due to our vast knowledge, we have developed ways to provide our customers with a great and hassle-free experience in order for them to be content with our services. At great value for our services, we offer an array of services that no other company in this industry can match, all while ensuring that our customers are fully satisfied with our work and the service they receive.


Our teams of professional movers are highly qualified and capable of what they do, ensuring that all of their work is done in an effective and efficient manner all while the whole process being safe and secure. We make sure that we arrive on time to help remove your furniture and can even help with providing you with a storage facility that is ensured to keep your belongings safe and secure. With the help of our great services, we can assure you that all furniture removals will be done with great care and you will not feel dissatisfied with our services and professional advancement towards our work.


We offer many different features that are often associated when we go through the process of furniture removals and storage in Perth. For instance, one of the things we help with is the packing and unpacking of all of your belongings that need moving and storing. This will certainly make your job a whole lot easier and with our ability and experience with packing and unpacking, you will feel that your product is safe and secure. Another thing we offer is our weekly door to door services. This service is great especially for those who regularly move from places to places and need regular removals and storing and is also great for those who generally want a few of their belongings to be safely stored in a storing facility on a weekly basis.


At Express Removals are very considerate of your furniture removing and storing problems and that is why we provide boxes and other packaging materials. You can also purchase new and second hand packing boxes in Perth from our showroom. If you decide to choose our full packaging services, we will supply each and every single item that you may require for your move.


We understand that relocating to a new home can be an exciting experience but the whole process of furniture removals, packing and unpacking of your belongings and storing all of your belongings in a safe and secure facility can be quite daunting. The key to successful moving is the planning of the whole process and the following is what we advise you to mark on your list:


  • Mark what will be moved and what will be stored if necessary
  • Measure all furniture and appliances to ensure they fit in the new home
  • Sell or donate belongings which have no use
  • Notify all utility companies of the move
  • Change all mailing addresses for any subscriptions
  • Buy packaging supplies including boxes and tape
  • Determine how everything will be transported
  • Enlist the help of close friends and relatives for the move
  • Thoroughly clean the house and garage

To conclude, Express Removals are a great furniture removals and storage company that will go the extra mile in order to satisfy all of our clients’ furniture removals and storage related needs and wants. Whatever you may require moving and storing, our company and its professional movers will help make your job fairly easy and with great prices for great services, be sure to call now to reserve great deals!


Contact us for more information about our pack and move services or to order your packaging materials.