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Perth Moving Interstate Checklists

Posted on March 18th, 2014

Express Removals is a one of a kind furniture removals and storage company located in Perth, Western Australia. With years of experience and service in this highly competitive industry, we have learnt many skills and have gained great amounts of knowledge that we always apply in each and every single one of our projects, and this is something our clients are very satisfied with. Not only do we have great services such as furniture packing and removals but we also have storage facilities in Perth that are completely safe and secure, ensuring that your belongings will be safe in our possession. We regard customer satisfaction as our number one priority and that is why we are such highly regarded furniture removalists in Perth and interstate.


Our teams of highly professional movers and packagers are great at what they do and have taken great training that has enabled them to complete all of their work with great service and professional advancement, regardless of how big or small a project might be. Our movers and packagers handle all of your items with great care and keep them in a very safe storage facility if you ever require such a need. Moreover, our company is so versatile that we not only move and store furniture across Perth and other regions of Australia, but we also deal with sending these furniture in foreign countries should you decide to relocate.


As with pretty much anything, planning is often a key factor for a hassle-free process and experience and that is why we recommend all of our clients to create an interstate moving checklist that will allow you to carefully plan and coordinate all of the things that require moving, ensuring a great ease in stress that almost always follows with unplanned moving. The following checklists are what the experts here at Express Removals recommend:


One Month Before the Interstate Move

  • Hire a professional interstate removal company
  • Compile a list of belongings you plan to have moved
  • Compile a separate list of items you can throw out, donate or sell
  • Purchase packaging supplies including boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap
  • Organise your utilities and alert providers of the exact date you will be disconnecting services
  • Settle all outstanding bills


Two Weeks Before the Interstate Move

  • Start packing your belongings in your rooms
  • Put all documents including passports, birth certificates, and other important documents in a safe place
  • Begin doing a thorough clean of each room or hire a cleaning service to assist
  • Clean your kitchen appliances and defrost your refrigerator


Moving Day

  • Ensure all packages are properly labelled so they can be easily unpacked later
  • Do a final check of the entire house to ensure nothing is left behind
  • Switch off all utilities including gas, water, and electricity
  • Give clear instructions to the movers including which items need to be moved


The 3 checklists that we have advised our clients to use is to greatly help reduce the pressure and the stress associated with moving and should allow for all of your items and belongings that you require to be carefully packed and moved to your new destination without having to be left behind by mistake. By following the process of these 3 checklists, you should experience an almost new and calm moving experience compared to when and if you have relocated before.


To wrap up, Express Removals is the type of Service Company that will make the whole process of Perth furniture removal and storage a very pleasant experience, ensuring that you experience as little stress and frustration as possible. Our teams of packagers and movers will do the main work and you will only have to tell us your requirements and we will satisfy all of your furniture removals and storage related needs and wants as effectively and efficiently as possible. Make sure to call now to get the best possible deals!