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The Dos And The Don’ts Of Furniture Removals And Storage

Posted on March 25th, 2014

Do you ever wonder what it would be like have a hassle and stress-free furniture removals and storage experience in Perth or interstate? Do you ever want to tear your hair out with how annoying and frustrating the whole moving process can be? Have you considered the benefits of hiring a professional removal and storage company to do it all for you? Today is your lucky day as you have encountered the company for just this type of work!


At Express Removals, we pride ourselves on being able to perfectly pack, move and store furniture and other items in a safe and secure facility in a very effective and efficient manner, something no other company in this market has yet been able to do. With great prices for our outstanding services, each and every single one of our clients are more than happy with our work and are always boasting to their friends and family about how impressed they are with us as a furniture moving company in Perth and interstate. With the help of our company, you will no longer have to worry about having to remove furniture and / or store your furniture in facility with the latest state of the art system!


There are many aspects to furniture removals and storage in Perth and with our help, you will be able to cover all of these different aspects without any worries. Our teams of professional movers and packagers are highly skilled and talented in what they will do and will make sure that this whole process is not daunting for you but rather a calm experience in which you have to do very little work. Our professional teams will work with you to help move your furniture and store them in our facilities, as well as help pack all of your belongings with great care and handling. However, before we pack your belongings, there are a few things that it is advisable that you do:



It is recommended by our movers and packagers that you invest in quality boxes, tape and pens as with quality boxes and tape, it is more likely that your belongings will be nicely protected during the duration of the move whereas with cheap boxes and tape, it can be quite risky since you can never rely on their durability and the quality of their materials.



Decluttering is a very useful process and one which we recommend all of our clients to do. You see, in most houses, many items usually sit in garages or closets gathering dust are of no longer of any use to the members of the house. With the process of decluttering, you can reassess all of your belongings and choose which ones you would prefer to keep and which ones would be better off given to charity or in even some cases, thrown away.


Furniture And Appliances

We recommend all of our clients to clean all of their furniture and appliances before they get packed and moved. This is because if they are unclean, with the pressure of the packaging and the added temperature along with the less air space, some of your items could get damaged and that is solely because they were not cleaned properly. Additionally, especially with items such as freezers, you should take everything out of them as it is not a good idea to keep them inside the freezers or fridges while they are being moved.


To come to a conclusion, Express Removals are the premier leaders in furniture removals and storage in Perth, Western Australia. After years of experience, we have managed to formulate a strategy that will make this whole Perth furniture packaging, removal and moving process very easy for our customers and we strive to make our customers happy by providing them with a service that is prompt, and is known for its effectiveness and efficiency, helping us achieve the title of premier leaders in this every competitive furniture removals and storage industry.